Winter Fun With Grandkids (Kids)


We made some cute Sledding Party Invitations using Smile Box (Read more about Smilebox in my “Tools I Use Section”) and sent e-copies to our families and posted them on their Face Book Walls.  Sadly, very few were able to come that year.  We are not easily daunted though and plan to do it  this year and everyone is on board with it.  We’ll have a big bonfire, hot chocolate and all the trimmings for a fun Winter Party!

mobile_001 The first time we went, it was so amazing.  We scrounged up enough warm boots for most everybody and rounded up some sleds.  Living in the high desert, these are not things we’ve have on hand but that has changed.  This is the perfect sledding hill; it is in a remote area (rarely crowded) with a long,  wide path.  You can see it in these photos.


I know the kids had a blast and so did we!  We need to take (make) time for things like this.  It really brought out the kid in all of us and I think G’ma and G’pa had as much fun as the kids!



What is winter fun without building a few snow men, snow forts and an old fashioned snow-ball fight?  This is not something I remember from my childhood, as I grew up in Las Vegas where it is very rare to get snow but we did go to a fun mountain resort back then and I experienced these things once in awhile, (Mt Charleston).  Ice skating was a lot of fun too!  Christmas is so magical, we would sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” with as much feeling and longing as people living in the cold countries and actually believe the words we were singing.  (Very funny to think about that.)

Click on link to play with Snowman Puzzle 

* Click the box at the top, right-hand corner to view the full image.  Sometimes puzzle pieces are up there so if you don’t have all the pieces, click again to close the box.


Puzzle Link:

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<p><a title=”play 1000s of jigsaw puzzles online” href=””>Online jigsaw puzzles</a> from <a title=”create jigsaw puzzles from your photos” href=””></a></p&gt;


Most communities have a lot of different events to attend at Christmastime.  My kids were raised in a small town and one favorite activity was the annual tree lighting ceremony, most towns do this still.  My granddaughter’s school choir sang at one of these last year and it was beautiful to witness.

A few events we look forward to each year here in Southern Utah are “The Dickens Festival” and “The Jubilee of Trees”.  Both of these events are held at the Dixie Center, a huge conference building that is transformed into all the magical sites and sounds of Christmas.  There are decorated trees for sale as well as wreaths and home-made goodies to eat.  Usually crafts for the kids to do and musical and dance performances going on.

IMG_0055Photo: Two of my granddaughters at The Jubilee of Trees.

I usually make it a point to either take or go with my local families to one or both of these each year.  This is one of many displays at The Jubilee of Trees (above).

One of my favorite things is to watch the food vendor at the Crepes Booth make these on his special cast iron crepe maker.  He pours the tiniest amount of crepe mix onto the heated, round steel and uses a wooden spatula to speedily spread it out into a huge, perfect circle every time.  The various fillings are really unique and delicious!

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