Christmas: Is it over yet?

I wrote a long blog on this a few days before Christmas but somehow lost it.  Now, that’s sad.  Going to just summarize what I had written because I’d like to end my Christmas meanderings with this.

It seems I start getting in the Christmas mood as soon as the weather turns brisk.  Halloween, as much as I love it, holds the promise of Christmas just around the corner.  Thanksgiving is getting pinched in between these two holidays and I hear it on many lips that will soon disappear off the charts.  It is certainly falling into a “lesser holiday”, although, I think it will always remain an open invitation for families to gather and have a feast.

I anticipate all the traditional Christmas things very early on in the fall and start planning at that time.  I usually have all my shopping done, letter ideas of the past year in my head and various other plans.

It’s funny though.  By the time Christmas was a few days away still, I felt like it had already happened!  I was pretty much done with it before it even came.  Of course, if there are kids still at home, this would never happen.

As Shakespeare says and it fits perfectly here:  “All things are, with more fervor chased than enjoyed.”  Yep!  The fun is in the mind’s anticipation of the thing!

As a parting thought, my husband and I both got sick on Christmas Eve.  We made it to a wonderful dinner at my daughter’s home but our plans for Christmas Day were totally wiped out.  This included an open house at his son’s with many of his local kids there, then a trip to Vegas to visit my son and family then a round about way home to stop and see my daughter in a rural area then home.

I was SO looking forward to all of that.  We just barely opened our gifts to each other last night.   “Life is what happens when we are making plans for something else.”  JL

4 thoughts on “Christmas: Is it over yet?

  1. I’m so sorry you were sick on Christmas. Some would say your Christmas was ruined. I hope you were able to feel the spirit of Christ in your hearts.

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love gathering as a family, eating, singing, expressing what we are grateful for, and playing games. It may be squeezed commercially, but I hope we can still make room for it in our busy lives.


    1. Yes…from all outward appearances, Christmas was ruined by our sickness; at least our plans were definitely ruined but to “go with the flow” and accept life in whatever form it arrives is something I am learning to do as I merge into my “wisdom years”. 🙂 We had a different Christmas, lying in bed, hardly able to move, but it didn’t keep the spirit away. The Grinch did not totally undermine these “Who’s”.


    2. I forgot to reply to your comment about Thanksgiving.
      I like how you still celebrate it. Yes, it will always be a time for me, as well, when “hearts turn to home and family.”
      Our collective families always start talking about who’s house it will be held at…what is on the menu and who is bringing what.
      Since my mother just passed away this year, in July, and my daughter bought her home where it was always the custom to have Thanksgiving, this seemed the most likely place again this year. We HAD to have another Thanksgiving in this wonderful home that has been the hub and gathering place of our family over the years.
      After Thanksgiving, we all went out to the Washington Cemetery and visited my mother’s grave and saw the brand new headstone that none of us had seem. We placed Christmas flowers on her grave and reminisced.
      Since Thanksgiving is so about FAMILY…it will never get lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas.
      I just feel like time is moving so fast now…it all seems to come through like a blur of a shooting star.


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