Recylcing Old Christmas Letters

I started writing Christmas letters back in about 1982, when my youngest child was born.  Actually, I may have written something before then but this is the oldest copy I have.  I saved them every year into a binder and later bought a wonderful dark green (huge) 3-ring binder to save lots of Christmas things in, including the annual Christmas letters I wrote as well as some I got from family and special friends as well as Christmas cards with pictures and even photos I took at Christmas.

This binder is growing very fat and I love to set it out at Christmas and browse through it.  Words from Christmas Past really touch my heart and take me back to each of those times.

This year I had the idea to copy all those old Christmas Letters and put in binders for my adult kids.  It is a great summary of their lives as I wrote about each of them.

I found beautiful, red Scrapbooks at Mikael’s (on sale no less) and made copies for each one of my kids and built their books.  I had started scrapbooking in a minor fashion already so had some very nice scrapbook pages on an antique theme showing wheels grinding.  I titled the front pages “Past Days”.

I think they will enjoy reading about their family “back then” and appreciate it more now that they’re grown and raising families of their own.  Words take us back to a place in time.  To me this is a fun and easy way to keep a family history.  Kind of like “killing two birds with one stone.”  An old phrase, not pictorially a very happy thought.  🙂

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