“I Have Never Been So…………..” (fill in the blanks)

1.  I have never been AS SICK as I was on Christmas Eve.  It happened as I was ready to go to bed and I thought after my first trip to the bathroom that would take care of it, as it usually does.  I was literally up all night, almost every 20 minutes.  I will spare the details but once had to strip off my nightgown and get in the shower to clean up.  I threw my nightgown in after me and tried to soak it with the streaming water.  What a mess I was, the bathroom was and, to top it off, it didn’t end there.  A change of clothes and it just kept going on and on and on….all night long.  My mind was watching my body wreathing in pain and agony and wondering when I would finally pass out and be done with it.  It hurt!

2.  I don’t recall ever working so hard as we have the past few days.  We are getting home insurance (on the home we recently bought) and an insurance agent is coming to inspect the place TOMORROW.  The last company we applied for told us we had to do all these really stupid, non pertinent things to get coverage. (We have close to an acre of land in farm country with some outbuildings that didn’t meet their criteria.  Now, we are trying get these things done…in the middle of winter, including outside projects.  Ugh!

3.  I have never pushed myself beyond my limits and turned myself into a robotic state to keep going under conditions that called for rest and recuperation.

4.  I have never felt quite so overwhelmed.  Our “due date” was Saturday after Christmas.  Thank goodness I moved it up to this Tuesday.  We never would have met our deadline with Christmas plus the surprise attack of the stomach bug we came down with.

For the pain and the gain, read on…..

“The Perfect Storm”

I am in the middle of “My Perfect Storm”.  Moving my personal items (there are plenty) from a small apartment in town that used to sit behind what was my mother’s house as I was taking care of her.  She passed away this past July.  My daughter bought her home and said they would like to use the guest house for other company as well.  I can still use it but I sure don’t want all my private, legal docs and other valuable things (to me) just sitting around.

We built a part “storage shed/guest house” on our property this past summer and are trying to get the interior finished up so I can move all these items cluttering up my little, tiny home into it, for now till we build a strictly storage shed.  The inspector is coming TOMORROW and we wanted to have a lot more done than what’s done.  Will be hitingt it hard again today.

IMG_4060  First Stage     IMG_0610  More

  • The storage shed/guest-house is actually almost done and really looking great!  The paint colors turned out beautiful, we have flooring down, windows in…it’s a little charmer!  One side looks like a cute little guest house, the other side looks like a storage unit with boxes piled up to the ceiling.

IMG_0660-001 IMG_0663-001

Top all this off with Christmas falling right smack in the middle of all of this going on and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.  That’s an understatement.

So as we were still in the recovery stage of getting over what we think may have come about from eating something bad (my husband got a minor case of what I had), instead of resting up; this is what we’re doing!

Our bedroom took the brunt of the excess clutter.  I had stuff piled all over in there, waiting till I felt better and could start sorting, tossing and boxing it to be moved out to the storage unit/guest house.  We started the interior painting in the shed yesterday and as my husband finished the upper portion of the wainscoted area, I was in the house boxing things up and hauling them out.  We could barely move in our necessary areas to do what we were doing.  Tripping over cords and tools, boxes and each other in this small, cluttered area.  What a fiasco!

Last night, thank goodness for sundown when the weather drops to the low 20’s and below and the darkness makes it impossible to keep going, I called it quits and came inside to do more boxing.  I stayed out in the shed helping my husband get two of the baseboards in, by the camp lantern.  Since this building is a shed, we can’t legally put power to it without a building permit.

After coming into the house, for the night, I built a fire in our dear little wood stove and felt my bones thaw out.  Stood and admired the floor, in places that I couldn’t actually see bare spots now and felt like I had accomplished something this day.

After I took a nice, hot bath with lavender oil to soothe my aching body, I made my way over to the bed to get things ready for our nightly routine of garlic popcorn and a movie to unwind and rest up for the next grueling day to begin.  I had to go back into the kitchen and noticed a “Goat Head” (thorn pronged sticker) in the carpet.  (They are everywhere outside and our battle with them is an ongoing one.  I bent down to pick it up and dispose of it and was shocked to see “tons” of them all over in the same area I had just walked barefoot over without getting one in my foot.  We are always bending over, amidst a painful yelp picking these out of our feet.  I was shocked I had just walked through this “land mind” and somehow missed getting pricked by even one of these abominations.

I sat there and picked at least 15 of them out of the carpet then threw them into the wood stove.  I’d been tracking them in really bad as I was carrying boxes out to the shed and back for more.  I usually try to scrape them off my feet before entering the house.  The poor dog is always limping around, holding up paws for us to pick them out of his feet.

These are my “record highs”  (or lows) for December…….

Anyone have anything to share, misery loves company.

4 thoughts on ““I Have Never Been So…………..” (fill in the blanks)

  1. I do not envy you, Mary. I feel exhausted just reading about your projects! What you call “Bull Head” our family has taken to calling “Goat Head” because the two long prongs on each seed resemble the horns of a goat to us. Whatever their name, they are TERRIBLE. Once a prong goes in, it doesn’t come out without a fight and without taking a piece of your foot with it. I can recognize the plant from 100 yards (or 20 feet) and pull them up compulsively by the root. Rest assured, there are no Bull Heads or Goat Heads on Rabbit Lane. Roger

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now I feel dumb, Roger. They ARE Goat Heads! haha. Once in awhile you feel like you get one that’s been dipped in poison. They are everywhere on our 3/4 acre. Harv has been trying desperately to get his tractor fixed so he can till them under in the spring. We finally found the needed part for it, literally just today! In the meantime, they are building character in us. haha


    2. Now, you are making Rabbit Lane even more enticing, not even the Goat Heads grow there or don’t last long if they try. I suppose other intruders who would dampen the spirit don’t last long in that idyllic place either.
      I have it pictured somewhere near the 2nd star to the right and straight on till morning.
      It is easy on the mind and you, the great story teller, have taken the reader right along with you. Thanks so much!


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