New Year’s Eve 2000

It was a magical evening.  I was recently divorced, kids gone and living in a small town in Nevada.

I had a VERY small little home with the living room and dining room in one area and what had been a bedroom from days gone by off to the side of that, that was now just ….. well, just a room with really no designated purpose.

I decided to have a New Year’s Eve Party and invited pretty much the whole town.  That doesn’t mean hundreds of people by the way.  Anyway, usually when I invite a group of people to something, I figure about 1/3 might show up.

Well, for some reason (I think it was meant to happen this way)…everyone showed up!  We were sitting on chairs, tables, end tables and even the floor if not standing in groups, huddled up against the walls and even in the center of the room.  Some spilled out into the kitchen and also THE room off to the side where I had a TV set up to view the goings on around the world as we ushered in the year 2000 and waited to see if something big was going to happen.

I had made a few different kinds of soups with various breads so people were eating as well as talking, balancing soup bowls on their laps if they weren’t among the lucky few who actually had a flat surface to put it on.

I had also had white and silver helium balloons with matching ribbon hanging down from the ceiling and little pieces of note paper with pencils all over for people to write their “Intentions for the New Year” on and tie to a balloon to be released at midnight.

As it went, there was also a big dance for the youth, down at the church, and as the midnight hour was not far off, my guests started saying their goodbyes and heading down to the church to join their kids or just be with the dance group.  After awhile, it turned out I was the only one left at home.

I decided to look at a few of the notes written.  To my amazement and deep respect, not one person asked for anything for themselves; not money, not a better job, a bigger house, NOTHING for themselves.  Every single note I read asked for blessings for someone else; healing for a frail spouse, hope for a person who needed it, peace for the world…on and on I read of these well wishes for someone else.  My heart was deeply touched by this.

Just before the strike of midnight, I gathered up a huge bundle of white and silver balloons with notes attached and somehow got out the front door with them and walked down my short sidewalk, out the little white gate and onto the street.  I looked up at the black sky, dotted with twinkling diamonds (in the country the stars are bright and vivid) and said a little prayer of thanksgiving and hope and released the balloons.  I stood and watched till the last one rose beyond my vision then returned back inside to my cozy, little home.

This will always be a treasured memory for me.  I could have been accused of being totally off my rocker for even thinking I could have this large of a party in this small of a house but I didn’t stop to think about the logistics.  It actually turned out very cozy, rubbing shoulders with people all night long. People also came and went throughout the night so it wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been.  It actually turned out perfect!

My wish, this New Year’s Eve (I don’t make resolutions, only to be broken), but my wish is that I will always have the courage to follow my heart, to do things that may appear foolish to others but that seem right and good to me and not be listen to  negative, critical voices when I feel urged to proceed forth.  I have accomplished so much in my life using this technique.  If I had listened to condescending voices, I would never had risked and never known the successes I have found.

They say, ” A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but one.”  I say, “Go for it.”


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2000

    1. Thanks Lori! When I recall special times, they come back to me in almost perfect detail. Thank goodness for that. There is longevity in my family line, as you know, and I have always jokingly said I better create a lot of good memories because some day that’s all I’ll have to do; sit in my rocking chair and enjoy the “show”. (Wish I could forget the bad times and just remember the good but they are all there, just as vividly.)


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