My sister flew to Oregon from Hawaii, where she resides, a few years ago and drove down the coast, stopping in as many hot springs as she could find along the way.  She even has a map listing all of them in the U.S.  She was really impressed with one in Avila Beach.  I hoped, someday, to check out this fascinating little place we’d heard such good things about.  Our chance came!  After a family reunion in Southern California, my husband and I headed up the coast highway intending on camping at Avila Beach Hot Springs for a few days.  When we got there, sadly, we weren’t as impressed with the mineral spa facilities as my sister had been but the campground was perfect!

IMG_2062 IMG_2768

Driving up the road the next day to explore the area, we saw a beautiful large resort that looked like it would be quite expensive to stay at.  I decided to check it out and, surprisingly, we were there at the off season and the rates were affordable.  We booked two nights and were in for the most exquisite experiences.

We discovered this beautiful building alongside the roadway with a grand entrance into it had actually been what was called a healing asylum in the olden days.  Everything about it speaks well-being.  We spent a wonderful two days here; each room has its own deck with an outdoor mineral water spa tub on it.

Climbing the stairway to the main spas, nestled among hundreds of ancient trees and vines was a very unique experience.  As you climbed the wooden stairs, you could stop at various, private baths all along the way and at different levels.  There must have been 30 + little private soaking areas all through the trees.  As we soaked in these outdoor tubs, the birds in the trees above provided the peaceful sounds of nature.



IMG_4067 IMG_4070 IMG_4076 IMG_4079

To top it off, you could rent bikes right here and take them over the bridge (crossing above the roadway) that meandered down onto a private beach, right on the ocean.  We promised ourselves we would come here once a year on our anniversary but have failed to keep this promise.  It is always in the back of my mind though and especially on these cold, snowy January days where I am chilled to the bone.  If thoughts could fly and bodies could tag along, this is where I would be right now.

Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort.     * Click this link to view this resort’s website.

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