Being a water person, I know that my body, mind and spirit need this to maintain my sense of well-being.

Most of my water activities take place in the typical lakes, reservoirs and swimming pools around our area.  Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking maintains my mental acuity and balance.  I actually prefer swimming in some of the reservoirs found nearby over a swimming pool.

The image below is of me and my oldest granddaughter.  Our adult kids and grandchildren like to come to our home and  take the kayaks out to a reservoir nearby to swim, kayak and fish.  The kayaks (two so far) have been a great investment and we want to get more!


Gliding through the smooth water with a little one sitting in the kayak with me is an opportunity for a hushed conversation in awe over an other-worldly experience as we look down in the water-forest below us and up at the strange rock formations above us.  We are adrift, existing in an alternate world for the moment.  I am thankful for a chance to share in an activity that will help seal us against the fast-paced, complexities of today’s lifestyles.

I am dedicating this post to an entirely different water experience though, one that supersedes the above mentioned in therapeutic value.  The natural mineral springs that exist all over this wonderful world of ours. SPA is the acronym for the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquas, which means “health through water.”

I have been lucky enough to discover and dip in a few near and far and want to share  these soaks and the experiences I’ve found in each on this, my first blog of this new year.


5 thoughts on “Mineral Springs: A Thirst For Life

    1. Thanks so much, Faraday. That is inspiring “a hint of whimsy”; I like that. Life can be so hard…or we can shrug it off and just enjoy everything wonderful and, hopefully, enlarge that aspect of it!

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