As a little girl growing up in my first neighborhood in Las Vegas, NV  I was exceedingly happy with my life and my Love Bucket was overflowing.  I remember one day, wrapping my short arms around a big Elm Tree in our front yard and hugging it.  The rough bark rubbed against me and reminded me how little and weak I was compared to this strong and loyal friend.  I loved that old tree.  We had a China Berry tree as well that I was instructed never to climb as I could break the more delicate branches.  I longed to climb that one as well, and tried to now and then, doing it with the gnawing feeling of doing something wrong and hurting the guardians, my aunt and uncle, I loved too much to disobey.

Little did I know that someday…in the far future, this would exemplify a whole group of Eco-Minded folk in our society who would be called Environmentalists.  People working hard to preserve the natural realm of things.  I am proud to be a card-carrying member of that group, in a more subtle way.  Too bad, that as adults, we have to go over the top with things and then have to defend our right to our beliefs and actions.  Too bad that our world is growing too small to hold so many conflicting opinions, rubbing up against one another and being annoying.

Going back to a smaller self, a smaller world, those were not issues at all.  The only world I knew back then was my own little circumference which barely extended past my front yard.  To cross the street now and then and play with my best friend, Mikey Brown, was what I considered venturing out into the world.

 My tree hugging days were uncomplicated and unreported

Below are photos of a new generation of tree-huggers.  They aren’t  bonding with the trees to save the planet or save an  insect close to extinction.  They don’t consider what drives them to cling to a tree.  Children just love trees!

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9 thoughts on ““Tree Huggers”

  1. Thanks, Lin! I guess with a blog name of Savvy Grams readers may expect to see some photos of my grandkids. Not all are wrapped around these little darlings but I have so many photos of them, I have inserted them into blog posts just for interest or if they fit the theme of the story. haha I have not written this just for my family’s enjoyment, but for the family of mankind.


  2. What a wonderful article. The two thoughts that: (a) adults, tend to go over the top; and (b) we now seem to have to fight to defend out beliefs, have been bubbling away under the surface with me for a while now. But, but until reading your article, I had not put these things together, so thank you.

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    1. Wow! Thanks, Dave. Blog responses and “likes” are so funny. We write them a long time ago (relatively speaking, this one was maybe a few months ago) and forget about them, then in comes a comment from them that just totally surprises me that they are still “out there”. Yes, I see what you’re saying and I’m glad the point I was making came across. Too bad we, as adults, have to be forceful in our opinions. Why not just have an opinion and let it be ours and not expect everyone else to join in with us. Thank you, Dave, for your comments. They were a pleasant surprise this morning. 🙂


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