Irene Milne Bulloch


Born Jan 22, 1920     Died July 23, 2014

My mother lived to be 94 years old.  She had Alzheimer’s the last five years of her life.  I was her main caretaker during this period.  She was in a rehab home two times after a short stay in the hospital for pneumonia and then a deep vein thrombosis.  Mom was a very healthy person.  She walked her whole life, before it became “fashionable”.  She was very ahead of her time and a very classy, yet common woman.  I made a slide show, depicting her life.  I may add more to it.

A Life in Pictures

*You can click on a picture on the photo section and it will turn into a slideshow, which is easier to see the photos in a larger format.  To get out of the slideshow, click the X in the upper left hand corner.

IMG_4427                 Off on a new adventure…Life is good.  All is well.

3 thoughts on “The Life and Times of Irene Milne Bulloch (my mother)

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