13 thoughts on “Began March, 2015

  1. Fantastic! So glad you got it in there: and definitely, those who think it can’t be done should just get out of the way. My problem is that I assume I can do it and dont always think it out before starting the doing 😉


      1. Very good idea! I’ll do that today! So, I guess we copy a post URL from their blog before we make the challenge so we can post it with our post, right? Thanks for your help on this. So far, so good.


  2. Also….I am challenging you to the five photo, five stories challenge. If you accept, you would need to post a photo with a story: nonfiction, fiction, just a paragraph, whatever; for 5 consecutive days and nominate another blogger to the challenge each day. Wanna go for it?

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      1. Very nice Maggiepea! I love the name maggiepea 🙂 But, you need to challenge another blogger each day to do the same challenge. I used the BUGs list and checked out whose sites I hadn’t been to recently and to see who was already challenged!


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