Pretty Even When Broken

I broke one of my favorite glasses today.  I loved it.  It was the perfect size for a drink at meal time, fit okay in my hand and had a very simple, clean design but, most of all, I loved the color!  Cobalt Blue.  Very intense and bold but, still, simple.  I only had two left from a set of…how many?

I went to put it in the sink of soapy dishwater and it slipped and hit the hard rim of the porcelain sink and broke instantly.  When things like this happen, I notice a split second moment of denial (as in the 7 stages of grief when we lose someone).  My mind begged to stop and do an instant replay.  This happened so fast and I traveled past this unlikely scenario so quickly I hardly noticed the thought process.  Next comes acceptance.  At that point, I scooped up the three broken pieces (the glass was thick and strong and refused to shatter completely) and I put them in the garbage.

I thought how pretty they were, even in the garbage and decided to retrieve them and play with them on a newly discovered photo enhancement site, Pic Monkey.

Spent, or rather wasted, some time getting it how I wanted it and saved it and am now sharing it with my Photo 101 class.  I thought it fit quite well in the topic of glass.  Cobalt blue glass, what a beautiful color!

Broken but not shattered ~

Blue Broken Glass

2 thoughts on “Pretty Even When Broken

  1. Aw such a bummer….I just recently dropped a decanter full of scotch….first thing I did after the initial stage of grief…was grab my camera. This is a beautiful picture although I’m sorry you lost your favorite glass!!

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    1. 🙂 It’s okay, Katie. Sorry you lost your decanter of Scotch. These were not expensive glasses, probably not hard to replace although I haven’t seen any like them as I recall and was happy to have the two I had left in my cupboard. I DID feel bad, awhile back, about breaking a gorgeous, cobalt-blue butter dish though. It might have been an antique. I really loved that dish.

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