I am re-posting a photo I submitted to the Photo 101 Class Assignment, “Glass”.  With our new assignment, “Edge”, I have a wonderful metaphor for this same photo.  I edited the photo a little to make the edges more distinct.

Blogging U Photo 101

Edge Blue Glass

                                     A  METAPHOR

There was once a heavy drinking glass whose main function was to hold liquid.  All its edges  were smooth.  The color was a brilliant, cobalt blue.  It withstood many years of use and passed through various hands and situations.  One day, a careless person dropped the glass and it broke into three pieces.  It didn’t shatter into many pieces due to its overall strength and thickness. After the breakage, it took on a new feature.  Instead of all smooth edges, it now has some sharp edges that could actually cut someone if they aren’t careful in handling it.

Isn’t this a metaphor of life as a human?  In a new, young life, there are no rough, sharp edges.  A baby is all softness with no intention to deliberately hurt someone.  As the baby grows and comes across various situations in life, they learn that there are unpleasant things as well as good things out there.  They toddle through the growing years, falling down, bumping their head on things but, basically, stay intact.

Passing through the ages of childhood, puberty and into adulthood they have had their fair share of knocks, bumps and bruises but, if lucky, they  have withstood these things and remained intact; in fact, these encounters have made them even stronger.

Then a day comes when something so terrible happens that the tough exterior gives way, the very marrow of self is pierced and they break.  They break deeply but there is still enough parts left of who they are that they are able to function and carry on.  They have not shattered into so many pieces they are no longer useful, just changed.

They continue on with the business of living and life but notice they have acquired a new thing;  along with the smooth exterior there are now some sharp edges.  Sometimes these sharp edges can be hurtful to someone who handles them carelessly, a word or even a look may cause a reaction that stings or bleeds the other person.

Weary of living a fragmented life, the person seeks a strong glue, the kind to mend broken things.  Over time and through experimentation and trial and error, it works!  The blessed river of time washes over the sharp edges, tosses them to and fro in its current and, eventually, wears them down to  soft and smooth edges once more.  Trials require time, patience and the steady washing and wearing away the rough edges to bring us round again.

 Lines in An Old Shaker Hymn

“….till by turning, turning, we turn round right.”

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