When we moved into a small house that was going to take a lot of remodeling, one of the earlier challenges we faced was how we were going to fit our old, upright piano through the maze of cinder-block porch walls and varied levels of the cement walkways between these walls and the house.



If that was successful, getting it through the back door was the next obstacle that my husband felt certain would never work.  There was just too small an opening between the block wall and then different levels in the concrete walkway to contend with.



The breezeway appeared a nice feature when we were considering purchasing this old “fixer-upper” but, even then, my husband expressed concern about moving large items into the home through all these tight spaces.

Now he was to the point of wondering who we could give the piano to.

Although it is very old and needs to be refinished (another project), it has the most beautiful tone,   rich and deep, and I loved its antiquity.  I wanted that piano and knew exactly where it had to go.


 We built thick, barn-wood shelves in the bedroom, leaving a place in the corner, near the back door, for our upright piano to fit about a foot under the bottom shelf, it was a perfect spot!

After getting the room ready for the piano, my husband’s doubts grew in mammoth size as to getting it through the regular sized door plus maneuvering it around the narrow porch that runs the length of the back of the house with openings here and there in the cinder block wall.  This was really going to be a challenge and he seemed to be giving up on it rapidly.  As for me, I have an inborn attitude of “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  Without questioning, I just knew it would work, even if  it took thinking it would work and then doing the impossible, believing it was possible.

I have a wonderful saying I apply to this kind of situation:

“Those who think it can’t be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it.”





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2 thoughts on “TRIUMPH: Photo 101 Assignment Word

  1. Oh my…moving the piano is a back breaking job to say the least…we have an upright piano and moved house 5 times, my husband swore he wanted to dump it …it’s sooooo heavy…haha


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