This is a very enlightening, educational post about a holiday in Catalan, near Barcelona (I think). I’ve never heard of Catalan but the title of the blog post caught my eye since I live near St George, UT and my family roots grow abundantly in this area. I enjoyed reading about something new, a new place with a “new” (to me) tradition associated with Roses and Books. What could be better than that!

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Roses Roses

La Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day), also known as El Dia de la Rosa (The Day of the Rose) or El Dia del Llibre (The Day of the Book) is a Catalan holiday held on 23 April, with similarities to Valentine’s Day and some unique twists that reflect the antiquity of the celebrations. The main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved ones and colleagues. Historically, men gave women roses, and women gave men a book to celebrate the occasion — “a rose for love and a book forever.” In modern times, the mutual exchange of books is also customary. Roses have been associated with this day since medieval times, but the giving of books is a more recent tradition originating in 1923, when a bookseller started to promote the holiday as a way to commemorate the nearly simultaneous deaths of Miguel Cervantes and William…

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3 thoughts on “Saint George’s Day in Barcelona

    1. I’d love to come. Maybe someday….
      I’m glad I stop in on someone’s blog now and then (not often enough) and take the time to read something new and different. It enlarges us and I am so grateful for the very educational and beautiful post you wrote.


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