Feeling Stuck…..Hanta Yo

Hanta Yo

A favorite saying my husband and I have adapted from the Lakota Sioux is “Hanta Yo”.

It translates into “Clear the Way”!

We use it along with “Feng Shui” and Getting Organized.  Feng Shui, as you may know, refers to the placement of things to allow energy to flow freely.  clutter clogs up this energy.  When we are suffocating from clutter, we feel stuck, having no energy or ambition to move freely and bring new things into our lives till we get rid of what is no longer useful.

 QUOTE:  “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”  ~ Albert Einstein

“Hanta Yo” and break those chains that bind and the feeling of being stuck  in concrete; a prisoner in our own lives.  Clicking on the link above will take you to a post I wrote a few years ago on feeling stuck and how to beat the feeling of depression with movement.  To return to this post, just click the back arrow.  Thanks for checking out my various posts.

Remember, “The bars are made of paper.”