Assignment: Write a Post in the Style of a Favorite Author

Blogging 101

T A S H A    T U D O R

I am going to write a post in the style of Tasha Tudor.  I have admired this woman who is extremely artistic, creative and independent, a “kindred spirit”.  She set out to create an environment in her home and outdoors that replicates life in times past.  She created a life of hard work and self sufficiency, yes, but one that included beauty in everything she did.  I would love to do a similar thing with my own life.

“We view the world not as it is, but as we are.”  Yes, if we follow the media, we know there are really bad things going on here at home as well as overseas.  Some people would choose to make this the focus of their lives and keep up with all the horrors taking place.  I have done this myself but then ask myself, “why”?  Why not build the world I would love to live in?  Even if it extends only as far as what I own?  In my home and outer environment, why not create what truly feels safe and beautiful.  Do I have to place myself in the chaos and fear driven world outside my environment?  Does it exist within my perimeters?  No, it doesn’t so why bring it here in my mind?

I’m sure in the times of Tasha Tudor, famous author and illustrator of children’s books, there were plenty of things going on in the news that were hard and depressing but she chose to build a wall around the outside world and focus on the things she created within her own territory, starting with a home her son built for her in an exact replica of a home she admired in Vermont.  He built this using “old world” tools and skills while reciting a book from memory as he worked!  (It sounds like her offspring were as unique as their mother, choosing a life of style, grace and creativity.  Below are views of Tasha Tudor’s world.


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