Protective Eye Wear

Mom, ┬ábeing basically shy in nature, confessed to me in her later years that she actually started wearing glasses before she really needed them just because they made her feel safe going out among certain people. I’d never thought of eye glasses as a “social barrier” helping one feel as if they are peering out from a safe distance, something to hide behind.

Thinking more about it, we forget how our glass lens actually come between us and the reality of things we see; whether it be a normally blurred vision or, when wearing them, enhanced vision. Sun glasses add a whole new perspective to our vision reality.

Glasses, in this sense, truly could be called “Protective Eye Wear”.

Moms Glasses


Lost in a Memory

I captured this photo of Mom looking out the window at her party going on outdoors. This was a rare moment when she was alone (her favorite company) and able to watch the people from a distance, in a safe, comfortable way. This was on her 94th Birthday. She had just moved into the home she was born and raised in, her dream for many years. So many came to see her and it was such a special day. Of all days, though, I could barely get her out of bed before people started arriving! I couldn’t get her hair fixed, make-up on (which I did every day whether it was a big day or not) or even get her out of her nightgown at first. I was so dismayed. But it all worked out okay and, eventually, we got her into some clothes. She passed away six months later.