Writing 101 Assignment: Day 19…”Don’t stop the Rockin”

Writing Badge

Assignment Details:   Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go.   So, here goes:

The name of this blog is an unorganized mind, musings and memories….this title seems appropriate for today’s assignment…just write and don’t think about or edit any of it.

I am spending 3 days at my daughter’s house while they are going to Long Beach, CA to watch her middle daughter compete in a gymnastics event.  She took 2nd place, overall, here in a state-wide competition and earned the right to go compete in CA in a Regional Event.  They left quite late last night and I worried about them driving and arriving so late last night, wondered if when they got to Long Beach if they had to drive around an extra hour to find their lodging, etc.  Life on the road can be exciting, fun and scary and even very tiring.  I am a morning person so the thought of driving late at night and to a strange location and in busy traffic once they reach the LA area does not appeal to me at all!

This morning, after a wonderful night’s sleep, I let the little fur balls out.  Two little mini Schnauzers, both stark black.  Very pretty little dogs.  They haven’t been groomed for awhile and I think they look much cuter this way.  I called them little fur balls with a bark this morning.  They are so fluffy and cute.  A brother and sister who look almost identical.  They look so cuddly, who would think that the brother, Lucky, can have quite an attitude around strangers invading his territory.  He is a wonderful watch dog and a good protector of his family.  He makes sure no unwanted people come around, even when they truly are wanted by the family, he doesn’t know that and only is accepting of people he’s used to.

Isn’t it strange, how a dog can be so kind and loving it its owner and so mean and even vicious to someone he doesn’t know.  We have a hound dog, or, I should say, my husband has a hound dog, that has caused me much concern.  He has “mellowed out some” now that he is getting a little older.  When he was within the year old range, he actually bit a few people.  My husband calls it “nipping” them.  He is in denial quite often if he doesn’t like the reality of something, he creates his own reality.  The dog, did bite.   Maybe he didn’t draw blood, that is Harv’s distinction between a bite and a nip.   It doesn’t matter if he instilled fear in the hearts of those he was intimidating and, believe me, a hound dog’s bawl can be mighty intimidating.  This has been our “bone of contention”.  I do not want anything in my yard or home to cause fear in company (especially young grandchildren who want to get out of the city and come romp and run around crazy in the country.)  This is my biggest gripe.  I want everyone, including these kids, to feel SAFE when they come to our home. This is more important to me than ANYTHING.

There’s my rambling, unedited assignment.  Now, I will take the time to find and post a picture of Pluto.  Maybe even the Fluff-Balls just to make this more interesting.  I love photos, added to a writing.   The visual effect adds so much to mere words.  🙂

Pluto is such a nice dog.  He doesn’t even bother the other “pets” Harv has, like in the above photo when he got into the rabbit pen, by accident, and just rubbed noses with them.  He never hurts the chickens and lets the two ducks peck on him and bug the heck out of him (they follow him everywhere and nip at him and annoy him to death and he puts up with them).  He is like another dog when he is chained up.  He scares everyone!

“Fur Balls with a Bark”

I apologize for not being able to remove the “red eye” effect.  I couldn’t get rid of it.  They are such cuties, yet, the male, “Lucky” can be quite a terror himself to strangers, like I said.  My point:  An owner may think their pet is the kindest thing in the world and it is, to them.  We can’t bury our heads in the sand, though, and think just because they are so good to us and mean to others they are “nice” dogs.  Pet owners need to be responsible for the actions of their pets.  My daughter is super responsible for her pets and even takes measures to make sure they don’t bark and disturb nearby neighbors.  Of course, living in a city, makes us more aware of being considerate of people living so close by.