New Mexico Hot Springs: Ojo Caliente

My husband and I took a road trip last summer with our destination being Taos, NM.  I’d been there before but he hadn’t.  As the New Mexico license plates label it “The Land of Enchantment”, I can attest that they chose a perfect description of this enchanting land.

Almost everywhere we set out to go we ended up driving in circles; backtracking, getting lost or taking the very long way around.  Since we had no agenda, we just took it in stride and I experienced a new feeling about “being lost”.  It was almost liberating to not be the one in charge and to let go the frustration of taking a wrong turn and ending up somewhere totally off track.  Eventually we just let this “confusion”  have its way and instead of fighting it just surrendered our need for control and put ourselves in a joyful state of unknowing, following the whims of whatever force was guiding us.  Because of this, we were able to experience a more innocent, childlike state of wonderment over the new, unexpected sites along the way.

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