Blogging 101This is a writing assignment I had to do in the Blogging 101 Course I was taking.  We were to choose between a number of options on various blogs that were pro-active activities.  I chose to do a fun assignment in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Perfect Shots.”

My  Submission

I used to have a very busy custom paint business.  I did a lot of various paint techniques on walls so I called it “Wall Art”.  I did a lot of glazing (a subtle, shiny finish with a translucent stain; usually done to give a wall an antique look).  I also did what was called faux painting, using different colors blended to give a wall more depth and/or make it an “accent wall”.  I loved doing murals and did a few of these as well.  Towards the end of my time in this business I got into transforming plain, vinyl garage doors into looking like a metallic (often copper) door instead.  A wood-look was also a popular choice.

I am going to describe what my three shots (photographs) would look like in the steps I took to complete this job.  (Of course if I really did a step-by-step process in photos there would be many more than just three.

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