DAY TWO: 5-Day Challenge Assignment: “A Sense of Order”

I took a parenting class, years ago, from a very well-known, recognized Family Counselor in a city close to me.  One of the things that really stood out and I remember from the ongoing classes a group of us would attend was that “A Sense of Order” was one of the (numbered) items necessary for Good Mental Health.    That made such good sense to me.  Now that I have learned the concepts of Feng Shui it really makes sense.  It’s hard to think clearly in a state of outer confusion.  Our outer world truly does reflect our inner world.  I have even heard that our hand-writing reflects many things about us and if we are feeling overwhelmed and our surroundings are unorganized we can help change this even in slowing down and painstakingly making our hand writing appear more legible and neat.  Funny concept, isn’t it!  I tried it and I think it did make me slow down and try to be more mindful of my actions.  To be accountable for my circumstances.  A clean, orderly home (that is something we have the power to create) really does free our minds from the constant state of disorderliness, stagnation and even depression.


These are some amazing rocks I found outdoors in various places, except for the green turquoise one I bought in a rock shop in Sedona, AZ for my mother.  In moving into a small home, very small,  I had to move a table I inherited when my mother passed away, whose leaves drop down, making it very slender, into the bathroom of all places….directly across from the toilet!  I didn’t put the rocks on it at first but had them in a deep window sill in my bedroom in front of a row of books.  I later got the idea to display them on this narrow table.  Now they are something I see and rearrange, just ever so slightly, every day.  I felt this photo is a great depiction of a sense of order, the title of today’s post.  They make me happy when I see them every day…lined up like little sentinels, showing me the beauty and art to be found in nature.

Blogging U Photo 101

As part of this assignment, I am to challenge another blogger to do this as well.  (They can accept or refuse of course and I sure don’t want to put more pressure on others.  We are all so busy and this blogging is all so very personal, how we choose to do it. )  So, today, I will challenge a blogger I found on the BUGs wall whose blog I found extremely interesting! Posts By Camille

“Happy Blogging and wishing you success in whichever area your blogging takes you!”

I Love My Bed

Often, and again this morning, as I’m making my bed, the thought goes through my mind as I spread and straighten the sheets, “I love my bed!”

This past winter, I bought heavy, micro-fiber gray sheets for it that felt cozy and warm on a cold winter’s night, inviting me to snuggle down into this warm bedding.

With the arrival of spring and the awakening of the newness this season brings, I had an urge to replace my fluffy, gray sheets with something crisp and bright. Spring colors. I wanted to feel the different texture of crisp cotton when I crawled into bed and wanted to see some bright, happy colors when I tossed back the covers. I was tired of the dark, heavy winter sheets and wanted something to match the new season. I found exactly what I was searching for, small stripes in pink, lime green, purple and two shades of blue on a white background. Perfect!

I also love to hang my sheets on the clothesline to dry.  There is nothing that can replace the crisp, clean feeling of line-dried sheets, nor that irreplaceable scent.  I say that clothes dried on the line smell like the sun and garden grown tomatoes taste like the sun.


When I shut everything down and finally crawl into bed at night, it is my favorite time of day. My day is done, or as done as it’s going to get. I’ve reckoned with the demons who used to plague me about unfinished tasks and no longer feed them with patches of my mind. I’ve learned to just let it all go and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.

Nighttime, bedtime, is a statement that today is finished. The only next thing on my agenda is a good night’s sleep. Sometimes I get this, sometimes I don’t…but, I have found successful formulas and exercises to help me make nighttime, sleep time.

Mornings, I usually make my bed before leaving my bedroom in earnest. Smoothing the bottom sheet and pulling the top sheet up, I lovingly press out the wrinkles with my open hand and pull it up in one quick tug to the top of the headboard, into straight alignment. Again, I notice and love the colors of the sheet set I just bought. They’re a happy thing to wake up to. Next comes the white down comforter, smoothing it into shape so it lies smoothly on top of the sheets and the sides hang straight down on both sides of the bed. Finally, the white top spread, fitting it into place same as the comforter.

The pillows are last. I plump and smooth them and toss them in their place at the top of the bed….the bright striped ones first, then some fluffy white ones on top of those. My “sleep pillow” made of rice and essential oils to lay over my exposed ear snuggles up next to the main pillows. I can still get the vague scents of Lavender wafting up once in awhile as I handle this dream pillow that’s been my nighttime companion for over seven years now. A gift from a friend.

And now, the final pillow goes into place. A square pillow I made from a silk-screen prayer flag I bought years ago at the Lama Foundation (an intentional community) near Taos where my sister once lived. It has a cream-colored background with two dark purple crane’s heads coming together in a pose depicting perfect harmony. I covered the back of this pillow with a dark-blue, heavy fake-suede fabric. The pillow still holds magic and mystical events inside of it and reminds me that there is a bigger picture going on beyond our scope of vision and that inner peace is my ultimate desire.


There, my bed is made and looking beautifully appealing in it’s simplicity. I have a padded quilt my mother made in common shades of brown, grey and light green hanging over the foot board. Sometimes during the day as I walk past the foot of my bed, my hand runs unconsciously along this part of the bed, feeling the soft padding of the quilt with the sturdy metal spine beneath it. It feels solid to the touch and brings a tangible feeling of “rightness” to my world.

So, I have this love affair going on with my bed. Some people may find this boring and think of their beds in more exciting roles. Being single, the greatest thing I want from my bed at this time in my life is a place of rest and refuge at day’s end. It is one area of my life I can manipulate and create to suit my every whim and desire.

The little white night light in the seashell in the bathroom just around the corner from my bed invokes reminders of the protective white light as I turn it on and, then, looking out into the living area at an angel night-light whose body glows changing shades of blue lava light is usually the last thing I see at night before closing my eyes and succumbing to the dark veil of night. This reminds me of Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy. I bought it to give to a granddaughter but found I liked her myself. Little granddaughters in my bed on special over-nighters get to share her and these special occasions keeps her unique and special for them. Memories of Grandma’s house.

Whatever this may sound like to anyone reading this, I just wanted to jot down these thoughts for myself about what I’ve created; a sweet sanctuary and a special place to rejuvenate my body and spirit for yet another day.